Quality Control

At GoodGreen, quality is both seen as an essential tool for success, and as a key component for its position in the market.

The main objective of our company is the unconditional satisfaction of our stakeholders, both in terms of products and in terms of services.

At Goodgreen the word "quality" is defined by a set of principles that ensure:

• Compliance with legal requirements


• Cooperation and communication, in order to meet both consumer and producer requirements and expectations.

Succesfully achieving objectives of quality depends on the efficient and effective work of our team and on the commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality.

GoodGreen demands the highest quality standards in the input / output of any product / service, with the collaboration of our highly skilled technicians.
Our quality control goes from the field to the consumer.


 Rua da Caridade nº22

         2080-026 Almeirim -  Portugal

 +351 243 591 666

(Call to National Fixed Network)



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