The apple is hard and firm to the touch and has white flesh and red skin. This fruit is a part of everyday life for many people. 

Apples have a moderately refreshing taste and their acidity level is higher or lower according to the variety.Portugal has excellent conditions for the production of apples. The Royal Gala variety, which is  exported by Goodgreen, is grown in the western region of Portugal and is known as the apple of Alcobaça.

The apple of Alcobaça IGP is a Portuguese product with Protected Geographical Indication (EU) since June 21st, 1996.This fruit is produced using the latest technologies according to an Integrated Production strategy (an innovative, rational and controlled production process that helps improve quality and guarantees food safety, thus contributing to the ecological balance of the environment).

The Royal Gala apple is preferably consumed in its original state and/or used in beverages, pastries, or as a side dish for savory dishes.

Apples must be kept in an open package in the refrigerator and will keep for up to 1 week.

The freshest apples should be firm, have no bruising and present a vivid color.

Apples go well with pork. 


Health Benefits

The therapeutic qualities of the apple are well known, because of the  abundance  in organic compounds that have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Eating apples also helps control certain diseases such as diabetes and improves digestion, contributing to a better absorption of nutrients.  Apples are also recommended for those who want to lose weight, because they are rich  in fiber and poor in calories.


Origin: Portugal


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Apple Nutritional Information

  Amount per 100g  
  Calories 64 Kcal  
  Lipids 0,5 g  
  Saturated fatty acid 0,1 g  
  Monounsaturated fatty acid 0 g  
  Polyunsaturates 0,2 g  
  Linoleic acid 0,1 g  
  Carbohydrates 13,4 g  
  Fiber 2,1 g  
  Protein 0,2 g  
  Vitamin C 7 mg  
  Vitamin A 4 µg  
  Potassium 140 mg  
  Iron 0,2 mg  
  Magnesium 8 mg  
  Calcium 6 mg  
 Fonte: INSA.PT



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