The strawberry belongs to the family Rosacea,  genus Fragaria and has several varieties. 
The strawberry is a highly appreciated fruit, due to its attractive appearance, pleasant taste and odor and also to its beneficial effects on health. The  characteristics  of the strawberry largely depend on the kind of variety that is grown. This fruit usually has a conical shape and bright red color. It is juicy and has a sharp aroma and sweet flavor.
Furthermore, it is possible to consume this product throughout the year because of improvements seen over the years. These changes allow the plant to support lower temperatures and shorter days, thus making it possible to  produce strawberries throughout the winter.
Strawberries are a highly nutritious and low calorie fruit, containing  high amounts of fiber and vitamin C, as well as potassium. This fruit is highly beneficial in the fight against high blood pressure and cholesterol and contains substances that prevent  the aging of cells.
This fruit is consumed fresh and is also widely used in the making of  candy, jams, drinks, smoothies and also in pastry.

Health Benefits

  • Fight the skin aging;
  • Helps to prevent heart disease;
  • Improving tmemory;
  • Prevents cancer;
  • Helps fight inflammatory processes;
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Improves the bowel functions;
  • Boots immunity


Origin: Portugal


  • Strawberies

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Strawberry Seasonality

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  Jul   Aug   Set   Out   Nov   Dec  

Strawberry Nutritional Information

  Amount per 100g  
  Calories 34  
  Lipids 0,4 g  
  Saturated fatty acid 0,0 g  
  Monounsaturated fatty acid 0,1 g  
  Polyunsaturates 0,2 g  
  Linoleic acid 0,1 g  
  Carbohydrates 5,3 g  
  Fiber 2,0 g  
  Protein 0,6 g  
  Vitamin C 47 mg  
  Vitamin A 4,0 µg  
  Potassium 140 mg  
  Iron 8 mg  
  Magnesium 10 mg  
  Calcium 25 mg  
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